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Richard Ho, M.D.Meet Richard Ho, M.D. –
Castro Valley Office, Internal Medicine Physician

An Oakland native, Dr. Richard Ho grew up around medicine and a medical research environment. His mother, a microbiologist and researcher for the Public Health Department in Berkeley, let Dr. Ho tag along at work when he was young.

“I remember her taking me to the laboratory, seeing all the different types of equipment and the people she worked with, but it didn’t quite register to me at the time what everyone was doing,” said Dr. Ho. However, his early experiences in the laboratory left an impression as he entered college.

Drawn to biology and molecular biology courses during his studies at University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Ho began to contemplate applying to medical school during his junior year.

“I had completed several in-depth biology courses, and was exploring my options for post graduate work, medicine being one of them. Coincidently, I attended a visit with my mother to our family practitioner that year,” said Dr. Ho. “I was so impressed by this physician and the quality of care he provided to my mother. Once our physician learned I was interested in going to medical school he allowed me to shadow him as he saw patients throughout the summer. I found the scope of his work more fascinating than I had thought before. ”

Dr. Ho’s experience that summer solidified his decision to pursue a medical degree and practice as a primary care physician. After graduating from the UCLA School of Medicine and completing his residency at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, he opened his own private practice in Castro Valley. After 25 years of solo work, Dr. Ho decided to join Bay Valley Medical Group’s Castro Valley office in 2008.

“What I like best about Bay Valley is that I can concentrate on being a doctor and providing the best care to my patients and not worry about the business aspects of medicine,” said Dr. Ho. “The quality of care here is great and there is a good sense of camaraderie among the staff.”

As a primary care physician, Dr. Ho works with his patients at all stages in life. “I enjoy the long-term patient relationships I’m able to form,” said Dr. Ho. “The senior citizens are my favorite patients because you in turn learn from them by getting to know about their lives.”

In his 32 years of experience, Dr. Ho has witnessed monumental advancements in medicine and how many have positively impacted patient care. “What makes this field always interesting is that I am challenged to learn and apply something new to real life,” he said. “We can do much more for patients now than we could 20 years ago. As a physician I can put these tactics into practice and improve a patient’s quality of life.”

Capitalizing on his knowledge, Dr. Ho stresses the importance of preventive health maintenance and in having his patients take an active role in their care. “I try to communicate to my patients that they share an active partnership with a doctor in their health and the lifestyle choices they make,” said Dr. Ho.

Dr. Ho is married with three children. In his spare time, Dr. Ho enjoys playing tennis and walking, and he is an avid reader, particularly of historical biographies.

Dr. Ho practices internal medicine in Bay Valley Medical Group’s Castro Valley office. To schedule an appointment, please call: 510-581-2559.